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This is a wiki established with the goal of gathering data on current events, especially those occuring from March 9, 2010, onward. Although the original motivation for this was to meet the needs of a specific group of people, this Wiki is open to anyone who wants to edit it. Simply click the Edit button to help out or read the articles to boost your knowledge.


One of the primary goals of our venture is the efficient organization of all information, and this goal is accomplished through the usage of categories. We have 4 Types of Categories:

Priority Categories: Priority Null - Priority 5 from least to most important. The priority level is an indicator of how much information should be present on a page so that it remains concise, yet comprehensive.

Type Categories: Events, People, Births/Deaths, Issues&Controversies based on what type of occurrence is addressed by the article. "Mark Zuckerberg becomes TIME PotY" would be categorized under "People," for example.

Location Categories: North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Former USSR/Warsaw Pact, NATO, European Union, Land, Air, Sea, and Extraterrestrial all indicate locations relevant to an occurence.

Topic Categories: Politics, (etc.) are categories which help define articles by topic.

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